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For a long time I was making my living creating custom websites for small businesses. And although I loved creating these designs, I quickly realized that custom site design wasn’t always a good option for new business owners.

I was frustrated that small business owners felt like they had to invest thousands of dollars to get a website, only to be left in debt, with a website that they didn’t know how to update or change.

So, I thought, I needed to offer a better solution to small business owners: 👉🏻 An option that was small-biz budget friendly and easy to use. 👉🏻 An option that could change and grow with your growing business. 👉🏻 An option that teaches how to completely take control of your website, so you don’t have to rely on (or pay) someone else. 👉🏻 And of course, an option that still looked really good!

Today, we have helped thousands of small biz owners DIY their dream websites! 🎉